Uncompromising Privacy

Beam is the top Mimblewimble L1 privacy blockchain, completely concealing transactions. Download Beam Wallet for the ultimate confidential DeFi experience.

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Uncompromising Privacy

Choose standard privacy transactions for robust anonymity or maximum anonymity set transactions with a 64k anonymity set – privacy is default for all.

Confidential Assets

Bridge, create, transact, and trade assets on Beam's blockchain using your wallet. Asset transactions are indistinguishable from regular Beam transactions.

Confidential DeFi & NFTs

Beam's blockchain supports private stablecoins, NFTs, AMMs, and future developments like lending, oracles, sidechains, wrapped assets, and more.

Confidential DEX

A powerful, Uniswap-like AMM for Beam and its Confidential and Bridged Assets. Confidential trades and Atomic Swaps for assets like BTC, LTC, QTUM, DASH, and DOGE.

Confidential Smart Contracts

Beam's Virtual Machine enables confidential dApps using WASM execution. Contract Shaders handle business logic, while App Shaders manage presentation layers for easy wallet integration.

Exceptional User Experience

User-friendly Beam Wallets for mobile and desktop with sleek design. Two transaction types: interactive wallet communication and simple send-and-forget transactions like Bitcoin.

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Mine or buy BEAM on exchanges using crypto or fiat currencies.

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Utilize BEAM for private DeFi transactions and payments.

Asked Questions

Beam's mainnet went live on January 3rd, 2019. Check the current status at the Beam Blockchain Explorer.

Yes! Beam is fully open-source and accessible on GitHub.

Beam employs Lelantus and Mimblewimble protocols for top-notch privacy by default — all transactions on the network are fully confidential.

Beam launched fairly, with no premine or ICO. It follows a deflationary emission schedule, starting at 100 BEAM per block and halving periodically. The total supply is capped at 262,800,000 BEAM. 20% of block emissions go to Beam Treasury during the first five years (ending Jan 3rd, 2024).

Beam is transitioning to BeamX DAO governance, utilizing on-chain voting. To participate, you'll need BEAMX tokens. Learn more here.

Yes, Beam offers custom wallets for Desktop, Mobile, and Web (browser extension). Download them here.

Yes. Beam is a Proof-of-Work network using the BeamHash III consensus algorithm, enabling efficient GPU mining. Check out the mining guide here.

Where to buy BEAM

Instant Exchanges

DISCLAIMER: Third-party services listed are not endorsed by Beam. Use caution, as Beam's security and privacy guarantees don't apply.

Wrapped Beam (WBEAM) contract address is 0xE5AcBB03D73267c03349c76EaD672Ee4d941F499. WBEAM serves as an ERC-20 representation of Beam coins and can be bridged bi-directionally between the Ethereum and Beam blockchains.

Development Roadmap

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