Asset Metadata Descriptor


Asset meta is a byte buffer associated with the asset and stored on chain.

  • Asset metadata should be an UTF-8 string
  • Asset metadata should be serialized as a simple name=value set of pairs, delimited with ;
  • The keyN=valueN; sequence must be preceded with STD: prefix, there is no need for ; at the sequence end
  • The total size of the metadata cannot exceed 16 Kbytes (16,384 bytes)
  • Every description should be in English


Asset metadata has 2 groups of properties:

  • Standard properties
  • Optional properties

Both types of properties are immutable and can't be changed after the asset is created. Therefore, double-checking the values before starting the asset registration is strongly recommended

Required properties:

  • SCH_VER= metadata schema version currently must be 1
  • N= human-readable asset name, for example Beam Coin
  • SN= human-readable short name/asset code, for example BEAM. Length should not exceed 6 characters
  • UN= human-readable asset unit name, for example Beam
  • NTHUN= human-readable smallest asset unit name (nth-unit name), for example Groth

Optional properties

  • NTH_RATIO= integer that represents the ratio of the smallest asset unit to regular unit. If omitted default value of 100000000 is used
  • OPT_SHORT_DESC= an one-liner, should not exceed 128 characters
  • OPT_LONG_DESC= a paragraph, should not exceed 1024 characters
  • OPT_SITE_URL= URL of the asset website
  • OPT_PDF_URL= URL for the description paper
  • OPT_FAVICON_URL= URL of the favicon
  • OPT_LOGO_URL= URL of the logo in SVG vector format
  • OPT_COLOR= color in the hex format (#FF00FF for example) to be used by the UI to display this asset. If not specified default color would be generated. Currently default colors are based on the asset id


  • with required properties only:

--asset_meta "STD:SCH_VER=1;N=Beam Coin;SN=BEAM;UN=Beam;NTHUN=Groth"

  • with required and optional properties:

--asset_meta "STD:SCH_VER=1;N=Beam Coin;SN=BEAM;UN=Beam;NTHUN=Groth;NTH_RATIO=1000;OPT_SHORT_DESC=Off with their heads!;OPT_LONG_DESC=The fact that this catch phrase ... this story remains a part of popular culture.;OPT_SITE_URL=https://***/*;OPT_PDF_URL=https://***;OPT_FAVICON_URL=https://***/;OPT_LOGO_URL=https://***;OPT_COLOR=#FF00FF" --fee 100000 --enable_assets