Address Book

Address book

The address book tab is where you will find:

  • My Active Addresses: active wallet addresses secure and ready to send or receive Beam coins.
  • My Expired Addresses: expired wallet addresses from previous transactions.
  • Contacts Lists: a helpful list of previously sent wallet addresses.

How it looks in your wallet

'My Active' addresses

Remember: the wallet address data listed in transactions or address book does not reflect the address data stored on the blockchain.

'My Expired' addresses

Addresses expire after every sent transaction and become inactive. Conversely, you can receive payments with the same address a total of 10 times. Mobile Wallet addresses have a default expiration date of 24 hours

Always double-check that you are not using an expired address to receive or send your Beam coins.

'Edit' an address

To edit a wallet address:

  1. Select a wallet address to view the address details.
  2. Tap and hold to copy your wallet address or tapto reveal your address QR code.
  3. Select editto change wallet address expiration date.
  4. Delete an address, reactivate an expired address or set a wallet address to "never expire," (not recommended).
  5. Tap save.


Delete previously sent to wallet addresses or send them more Beam by tapping on the wallet address.