Rescan offline

This scenario is for cases when you don't want to stop running node and wallet and you wish to ensure if the balance is correct.

  1. Create a clone of your running wallet. This can be done by restoring the wallet from the seed

./beam_wallet restore --seed_phrase=<a;d;b>


by copying of its wallet.db file

It can be done on separate machine with no internet connection.

  1. Copy your running node.db. to these machine
  2. Ensure that this copied node has your owner_key. Export it from your cloned wallet

./beam_wallet export_owner_key

and launch your node

./beam_node --owner_key=<key>

Note that this node may have no connection to internet, as a result this wallet will not accept incoming transactions.

Node.db contains the blockchain data up to the height when you did a copy of it. Now, with owner key node should distinguish all your transaction outputs.

  1. Connect you cloned wallet to your offline node

./beam_wallet listen -n

or if you copied existing wallet.db

`./beam_wallet rescan -n