Beam Token Economics

Beam's emission schedule is primarily inspired by Bitcoin. The main differences are that Beam has ten times as many blocks, and the year one emission is 100 Beam coins per block. The first halving occurs after year one year, with halvings occurring every four years, 33 times in total.

Emission denomination is in Groth, the smallest measured unit of Beam; Named as tribute named to Jens Groth, whose work in computer science and cryptography laid the foundation for zero-knowledge proofs. One Beam contains 100,000,000 (one hundred million) Groth.

The total supply is 262,800,000 Beam coins, or 26,279,999,976,873,600 Groth.

There were no pre-mine or ICO, so at the launch of Beam mainnet (January 3rd, 2019), there were 0 coins in circulation.

In the first five years of existence, Beam coin emission is split between Miner Rewards and the Treasury.

Miner Rewards

During the first year of Beam's emission schedule, the miner reward was 80 coins per block. In years 2–5, the reward is 40 coins per block. Year six miner rewards will reduce to 25 coins, with rewards halving every four years until year 129. After year 133, Beam emission will stop.\


For the first five years of Beam's emission schedule, block rewards will allocate to the Beam Treasury (along with miners) for every block mined.

‌During year one, the Treasury receives 20 Beam coins per block. In years 2-5, 10 coins per block will go to the Treasury.

The purpose of the Treasury is to repay Beam investors, incentivize the core development team, but the most significant single beneficiary of the Treasury will be the Beam Foundation.

 20% treasury Distribution

The distribution of the Treasury Coins will occur monthly in the following amounts:

Investors: ~35%

Beam Core Team and Advisors: ~45%

Beam Foundation: 20% (Biggest single beneficiary).

Emission Curve

The beam emission curve (seen below):

90% off all Beam coins in circulation will mint during the first 13 years of Beam's 133 years emission schedule.

Like Bitcoin, Beam's emission curve will help establish Beam coins as a strong Store-of-Value, eventually becoming a Means-of-Exchange coin.

Beam Emission Table is on Google Sheets.