Shader SDK (WIN)

This tutorial demonstrates How-to set up Beam Shader SDK on the Windows operating system.

The Shader SDK's current version can be characterized as an early developer preview, with a high possibility of encountering unusual issues and bugs.


To follow along, make sure you have Microsoft Visual Studio installed. For this tutorial, I am using 2022 edition, but the community edition will work.

Additionally, Python 3.x must be installed and available in the systems path. Verify Python is installed by entering python in the command line.

Building Shader SDK

  1. Clone Shader SDK repository.
  2. Open Developer Command Prompt for VS. This can be done from either Tools Menu within the VS IDE or by finding an entry in the Start menu items
  3. Change directory to the location of the shader-sdk and run: shade init

This will operation will install and build all the necessary components.

Creating a new Shader Project

  1. Launch the Command Prompt, creating a new folder for your Shader project. We will use the vault folder for this tutorial:

2. Locate shader-sdk and wasi-sdkfolders, and enter the following:

set BEAM_SHADER_SDK=c:\Code\shader-sdk

set WASI_SDK_PREFIX=C:\Code\shader-sdk\wasi-sdk-14.0

  1. To initialize the structure of your Shader, enter shade create_project <project name>:

For our <project name>, use vault, i.e.,:

c:\Code\shader-sdk\shade create_project vault

If initialized correctly, your Shader project structure should resemble the following:

Vault project structure

Building the Shader Project

In Visual Studio, locate Open A Local Folder from the Start menu:

Navigate to your Shader project folder, click Select Folder to initialize a CMake project, creating CMakeLists.txt and CMakeLists.json files will be seen in the Solution Explorer for your Shader project:

Vault Solution Explorer

Select wasm32-Release build configuration:

This will build .wasm files following this folder structure:


If you are encountering errors, try the following before reaching out to support:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and delete the out folder.
  2. In the Project menu, select Delete Cache and Reconfigure.
  3. Rebuild wasm32-Release project.

You can begin coding your Shader project!