Installing Beam Wallet

This document describes the process of installing Beam wallet on:

As the wallet will be continuously updated, the actual version numbers and SHA values might be different from the screenshot at the moment of reading.


1. User License Agreement

Please read the Disclaimer and End User License Agreement carefully before selecting "agree."

2. Install Folder

Drag the Beam Wallet icon into the Applications folder to complete the installation.

3. Launch Beam Wallet

Launch Beam Wallet from the "applications" folder. Please note: Beam is in the approval stages for the desktop wallet app on the Apple store, until then click "open" when the notification below appears:

Files and Locations

Main Executable/Applications/Beam
Logs/Users/{your User name}/Library/Application Support/Beam Wallet/logs

/Users/{your User name}/Library/Application Support/Beam Wallet/<version>/wallet.db

/Users/{your User name}/Library/Application Support/Beam Wallet/node.db

Settings/Users/{your User name}/Library/Application Support/Beam Wallet/settings.ini


After you have downloaded the file, unzip it. Go to the folder and run BeamWallet.AppImage

Ubuntu 16 is no longer officially supported!

To run on Ubuntu 16, enter the following commands in Linux terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade libstdc++6

Files and Locations

Files and locations of Beam metadata in your Linux operating system.

Main Executable/usr/bin/BeamWallet
Logs/home/{your User name}/.local/share/Beam Wallet/logs

/home/{your User name}/.local/share/Beam Wallet/<version>/wallet.db

/home/{your User name}/.local/share/Beam Wallet/node.db

Settings/home/{your User name}/.local/share/Beam Wallet/settings.ini


1. Installing Beam Desktop App

Once the application image is downloaded, double-click the icon to start the installation.

When you click on the Beam-Wallet-6.0.11638.4326.exe file installer will run. You’ll see a default path to the wallet, which you can change using the action menu. Also, it suggests you read Licenses Terms and Conditions. A default path to the wallet will display on the opened screen.

  1. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and click agree and install.
  2. Wait until the installation is complete.
  3. Press run wallet to start working with the wallet.

Files and Locations

Files and locations for Windows. Your wallet.db file contains wallet metadata, including transaction history and address list.

Main Executable\Program Files\Beam Wallet\Beam Wallet.exe
Configuration\Program Files\Beam Wallet\beam-wallet.cfg
Logs\Users{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet\logs

\Users{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet&#x3C;version>\wallet.db

\Users{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet\node.db

Settings\Users{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet\settings.ini
Dumps\Users{your User name}\AppData\Local\Beam Wallet\Beam Wallet.exe0.dmp