Pool Mining Beam

If you decide to participate in a Beam mining pool, you will need to select a mining pool (you can find a complete list on our website) and determine which mining pool best suits your needs. When selecting your pool, it is essential to consider the geographic locations, fee, hash rate, and user experience.


Things you'll need

  • Mining rig containing at least one GPU with a minimum of 3GB RAM.
  • Basic knowledge of command line (CMD terminal) functions.
  • High-speed internet connection.
  • A mining pool.
  • Mining software.

Launch a CMD Prompt (Windows) or Terminal Window (Linux and macOS) on your mining rig to get your miner running. Each mining software will contain specific operational commands for the Command Line. Choose the mining software that best suits your needs.

Mining Software

Available 3rd Party Mining Software and configuration guides for Beam:

The miner software listed and linked above is used at your discretion and risk. Beam accepts no liability for any misuse or error caused by the above mining software. Users must do their research before deciding on which 3rd party software to use for mining.