Install Git and Python3 (with pip3)

Install Trezor Bridge

Go to, download and install.

Install Protobuf Compiler

Go to and download the latest protoc for your OS.
Extract it and add <path to protoc folder>/bin path to the system PATH: export PATH=$PATH:/<path to protoc folder>/bin.

Build Firmware Loader

Run the following commands (don't use sudo prefix on Windows):

git clone
cd python-trezor
git checkout beam
git submodule update --init --recursive --force

sudo pip3 install protobuf click requests mnemonic construct ecdsa pyblake2 typing_extensions
python3 prebuild

Install the firmware


Test Beam with Trezor

  • Go to and download/install the latest build.
  • Connect your device, go to, create a new wallet or recover with your seed phrase.
  • Run installed Beam Wallet and push create new Trezor wallet button.
  • Agree with generating Owner Key on Trezor device and wait, it usually takes about 15 sec. image
  • Remember generated password from the Key Password page and enter it in the Beam Wallet. image
  • Hurray, the wallet is initialized, now try to send/receive beams to test how it works...