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  • Beam Mimblewimble Blockchain Height: N/A
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Temsilci Programımız

BEAM has a quickly growing Ambassador program based on locality. Our ambassadors promote Beam by organizing meet-ups, holding talks and conducting knowledge-sharing sessions.
So if you are highly motivated, really good at conveying ideas and communicating with people, and excited by our implementation of Mimblewimble (or just crypto in general), we might need your help.

Beyond the obvious reward of being first BEAMER in your crypto community, we are happy to let you know there is a compensation involved ;)

Drop us an e-mail to [email protected] or use the below form with a brief bio and why you think you'd be a great fit to represent BEAM in your area.

The BEAM team is rapidly moving forward and reaching our milestones – momentum is building by the day, and you are a part of that!

Temsilci Programımıza Katılın

İçeriğiniz gönderildi

En yeni Temsilcilerimiz

  • Omri Erez

    Omri Erez

    Alman, Hamburg

    Co-Founder at coinIX, at Blockchain Mania and Author at Pluralsight, Omri is leading Beam's activities in Germany.
  • Kao Van

    Kao Van

    Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

    Kao Van is Vietnam Country Lead.

    As a long time Bitcoin Believer, Kao Van joined the cryptocurrency industry since 2015. Kao Van is well connected to the local communities in Vietnam and strives to promote privacy technology.

  • Jakhongir Sulaymonov

    Jakhongir Sulaymonov

    Kore, Seul

    Jakhongir earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Business Management from SEGi University (Malaysia) in collaboration with the University of Sunderland (UK). He also holds a Master's degree in Economics from Yonsei University (South Korea).
  • Your name here!

    Your name here!

    Earth, Zion

    Drop us an e-mail to [email protected] or use the form above with a brief bio and why you think you'd be a great fit to represent Beam in your area.
  • Aleksei Launberg

    Aleksei Launberg

    Ukrayna, Kyiv

    Aleksei is Ukraine Country Lead. He plunged into crypto, when the government blocked the money transfer system that he used for his composite manufacturing business. Like a true libertarian, he quickly understood all the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and in a short time became the NEM Foundation Ambassador in Ukraine. After 1.5 very productive years with NEM, Aleksey left the Foundation and chose to join Beam as an Ambassador, which is very close to his philosophy on life.
  • Suhas


    Hindistan, Bangalore

    Suhas is an Asian Fintech Influencer, ex-NASDAQ engineer, Independent blockchain consultant and evangelist. He has worked with many blockchains like Digibyte, WAVES, etc. in the past. He is an early contributor and miner of Lisk, Ethereum and Decred. Suhas has seen the crypto markets evolve from less than $2 billion to an $800+ Billion industry. He has extensive experience in Digital Asset Management since late 2014 and is well connected in the Industry. Suhas loves designing blockchain architectures and protocols and implementing blockchain strategies.
  • Tomasz Waszczyk

    Tomasz Waszczyk

    Polonya, Katowice

    Tomek is a JavaScript and smart contract programmer at a hedge fund with a Tier 1 background. He works with the Internet of Things and monitoring systems with huge amounts of data. In order to spread high-quality information, he organizes Silesia Blockchain Meetups. To rest and relax Tomek enjoys listening to Mozart, and even enjoys a trip to the sauna.
  • Tristan Jülich

    Tristan Jülich

    İsveç, Stockholm

    I am a Stockholm based law student who is passionate about privacy and decentralization. Since cryptocurrencies and Beam, in particular, represent the most vital weapons for implementing self-ownership, I wish to spread the message. Being an ambassador gives me that opportunity.
  • Do Thanh Danh

    Do Thanh Danh

    Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

    Danh is an enthusiastic researcher and investor with experience in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency since 2015. He is specializing in developing community and doing marketing for Blockchain projects.
  • Fernando Molina

    Fernando Molina

    İspanya, Granada

    Fernando is a producer, broadcaster and director of media; such as Telemotril, Motrildigital and the podcast of territoriobitcoin. He also is a co-organizer of blockchain events such as CIBTC.
  • George Pro

    George Pro

    Ghana, Accra

    George is a teacher by training and possesses a passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship. This passion led him to co-found African Youth in Fintech and Blockchain Technology as a means of curbing socio-economic challenges within the continent.
    He is also rooted in positive community activities, that translates to a real sustained value within his locality.

  • Agbona Igwemoh

    Agbona Igwemoh

    Nijerya, Lagos

    Agbona is an entrepreneur with experience at operations, management, and strategy implementation. He has a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry, and currently a crypto day-trader.
  • Onur Barık

    Onur Barık

    Turkey, Istanbul

    Onur is a Financial Advisor and Accountant and has been working as a manager in the finance sector for 20 years. Since 2017, he has been dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrencies in both trade and analysis and is experienced in Turkish crypto communities.
  • Akın C.

    Akın C.

    Turkey, Istanbul

    Engineer, Interested in crypto and mining since 2016. Crypto investor and trader. Technical analysis trainer in Muhabbit. Enterprising and blockchain maximalist.
  • Kyiv


    Letonya, Riga

    Kristaps mined his first Bitcoin in 2013 with his gaming PC.
    In early 2017 due to the rising popularity of mining, he started to offer consulting services for fellow miners. Currently, he is responsible for operations for a Latvian startup Power Mining.

  • Ahimbisibwe Brian

    Ahimbisibwe Brian

    Uganda, Kampala

    Brian is a full-time Agriculture and Economics teacher, who is also passionate about Blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as forex. He is a lover of fully decentralized businesses and looking forward to seeing such implemented in his community.
  • Adeniran Olusegun

    Adeniran Olusegun

    Nijerya, Lagos

    Adeniran Olusegun is a System Analyst/Cloud Engineer, with over 10 years in the IT industry, he is passionate about technology and how it helps solve human problems. A blockchain enthusiast and a die-hard cryptocurrency fan.
  • Wisdome Augustine

    Wisdome Augustine

    Nijerya, Port Harcourt

    Wisdom Augustine: Wisdom is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and community engagement leader with over two years of experience in tech, copywriting, crypto blogging and graphics design for different enterprises. He is passionate about science, tech, the worldwide adoption of DLTs, and is a huge fan of the MimbleWimble protocol.
  • Sebastian Mora Betancur

    Sebastian Mora Betancur

    Colombia, Bogota

    Sebastian is passionate about technology and has been immersed in the blockchain industry since 2015. He has been the CEO of COLOMBIA CLOUD TI since 2016 and is passionate about change and constant progress.
  • Anderson Silva

    Anderson Silva

    Brazil, Parana

    Anderson is a student and crypto enthusiast. As a student, he studies Computer engineering at UTFPR. He has been interested in Blockchain since 2017 and wants to popularize Beam in Brazil using social media. He loves the idea of freedom that cryptocurrencies provide, and has been mining Beam since January 2019.
  • Javier Martínez Rossi

    Javier Martínez Rossi

    Venezuela, Valencia

    Javier Martínez Rossi is a young Venezuelan businessman, CEO of a Fintech company, speaker and trading professor. Since his beginnings in cryptocurrency trading, he has been able to recognize their true potential and the potential of their technology, which goes far beyond the trading. He is currently committed to the true adoption and massification of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology in Venezuela and throughout Latin America.
  • Rafael Hauxley

    Rafael Hauxley

    Polonya, Krakow

    R.R. Hauxley traveled around the world for 1 year -- using 1 Bitcoin. He filmed these adventures, giving his producer and editor 178 hours of footage to create a documentary titled: Bitcoin Around the World. Before all this Rafael owned and ran an architectural firm in Portland, Oregon. He holds degrees in marketing and business management. He has also mined crypto, led Ethereum meetups, and is currently exploring ERC-721 token.
  • Óscar Domínguez

    Óscar Domínguez

    İspanya, Madrid

    Óscar is the founded Territorio Bitcoin in 2015. He is the winner of a digital award for Innovation in Media in Spain in 2017. He's also a co-organizer of the International Blockchain CIBTC Congress in Spain and Andorra. Versatile B2B and B2C professional marketer with more than 30 years of experience.
  • JL Zoeckler
    Amerika Birleşik Devletleri

    JL Zoeckler

    Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, Ohio, Oxford

    JL is a professor, entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. As a professor, he teaches creativity and entrepreneurship at the University of Miami. He enjoys the intersection of entrepreneurship and education where he mentors the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. He has been interested in blockchain and crypto since 2013 and he views this innovation as one of the most important things that has happened to humans. Privacy, ownership, and control are becoming available to people that have been without such human rights for many generations.

    Fun fact: in the winter, he heats his home with a garage full of mining GPU

  • Angus Sullivan
    Birleşik Krallık

    Angus Sullivan

    Birleşik Krallık, Londra

    Angus has a long standing fascination with privacy and the cryptographically secured, decentralised systems and currencies that allow for such. He is a huge fan of the Mimblewimble protocol and excited about the potential it offers to individuals and businesses alike.
  • Chirag Sidhdhapara

    Chirag Sidhdhapara

    Filipinler, Legazpi

    Chirag is passionate about decentralized economy. He's worked with crypto projects like Blocksafe and Guppy. He has two years of experience in blockchain space for marketing, community engagements and partnerships.
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