The Beam Bridge

New Horizons for Interoperability

Beam Bridge connects Beam’s Private DeFi (PriFi) to Ethereum’s vast DeFi ecosystem. Supported assets include ETH, DAI, WBTC, and USDT. When bridging assets over from Ethereum, tokens are locked inside an Ethereum Smart contract and minted on the Beam blockchain as wrapped Confidential Assets (CAs).

Note: Beam Bridge currently allows users to bridge back their own tokens. i.e. a user can only send back to Ethereum up to the same amount they initially bridged into Beam. For example, if a user sent 1 ETH via the Beam bridge, then they can only claim up to 1 ETH when moving back to Ethereum. This is subject to change, as the Bridge continues to improve through locked liquidity mechanisms, cross-chain privacy, and more.

Get started with Beam Bridge: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Users will need the following:

MetaMask is required for storing and transferring crypto assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Beam Wallet is required to store crypto assets on the Beam blockchain.