Beam Ethereum Bridges

New Horizons for Interoperability

The cryptocurrency market and Web3 industry have faced a reckoning sparked by the aftermath of the Covid-19 Pandemic and made exponentially worse by the war in Ukraine and the Global Inflation Crisis. Despite the apparent bear market, the Beam development team has stuck by their roadmap and continues BUIDLing upon the private-by-default Layer-1 Beam blockchain.

With great fanfare, we can announce that the Beam Bridge to Ethereum is now available on DAppnet! Users can seamlessly transfer assets across Beam and Ethereum blockchains using decentralized privacy-preserving cross-chain transactions.

We welcome our dedicated and wonderful Beam community to test the Beam Bridge on DAPPnet, free of charge! Testnet funds are available for withdrawal via smart contracts (Alchemy Goerli Testnet smart contract Ethereum and the Beam Faucet DApp for Beam). The Beam Team eagerly waits for user feed which can be sent directly to [email protected] or start a discussion on our Beam Forums. User feedback is critical for us to continue to improve and create new and exciting features.

Getting Started with Beam Bridge on DAppnet

To successfully bridge assets across blockchains, users will need the following:

The MetaMask is for storing, and transferring assets on the Ethereum blockchain, and the DAppnet will store Beam assets. Continue reading the following sections for step-by-step instructions from Bridge related, whether configuring a MetaMask wallet or setting up an Alchemy account, build bridges from Beam to Ethereum and back.